A Virtual World for artists

Space is a free-form interactive sandbox where you can upload and share your creations around the world. You can sell your creations to other users - or just use space as a showroom or sketchbook.


Create anything you want - from characters, to clothes, vehicles, scenes and regions; and make it accessible to anyone with the client, or even a modern web browser.


Use your favorite tools - then assemble and upload straight from the Unity3D editor directly onto our servers. Our lead programmer is a technical artist - and we've very much tried to make your personal ambitions possible.

High end support

We've added and integrated a whole host of extensions into Unity giving you room to push it as far as you can take it. We support everything from screen space reflections, to volumetric lighting out of the box. We've recently integrated (and extended) the new Unity Post Stack, giving you even greater control on how those behave than before.


If you want to add custom shaders, space allows them to be uploaded and included in your content. Many high-end shader packs "just work" within space. If you're a unity user already, read more about our Unity support.

Constantly updating & improving

We're not keen for our framework to get out-dated, that's why we haven't tried to roll our own 3D engine - we're doing constant upgrades, both supporting new Unity versions, and adding new features ourselves.


We're in beta right now - and we're especially keen to hear feedback from professional and amateur artists on how we can improve our tools to make them easier for you to work with, and let you push things further and further.


If you ever get stuck - we have tons of real-time support methods, we maintain a open channel with all of our users nearly 24/7.


If that all sounds interesting - we're eager for you to test our tools and would love to see what you can make. Get started today!

New Features on Test Server

Our test servers (available to registered creators) are introducing a host of new features for artists, including new sample skin shaders featuring SSSSS and microsurfaces.


Our test servers are also currently featuring our new Post FX chain - featuring a new more feature-packed volumetric lighting solution and a ton of other high-end features. If you need help getting started with these (and getting a copy of the test server editor packs) - feel free to hop onto our forums or skype chats for some real-time assistance.







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