Extension Driven Workflow

We find Unity's workflow to be pretty good - it's nice, works well, and is very quick. That's why we haven't messed with it too much.


Our workflow is all driven through the use of extension components, editor windows and custom inspectors. We have a full array of video tutorials on YouTube, as well as our wiki which documents our extensions, as well as third party assets which are supported by us officially.


When you're ready, just signup and then download our editor pack to get started with space straight away.

Useful tools bundled too

To help developers work with space easily - we've packaged along a whole host of tools we've written in our own use as extensions as part of the editor pack.


Our built-in region uploader also lets you manipulate things like compression sizes across your entire project; or use our various probe placement utilities to quickly place light probes across your scenes using hints such as the navigation mesh to highlight important areas.

Designed to "Just Work"

If you've used built-in Unity features, there's a strong chance they'll just work exactly as you originally were using them. Most unity features are fully supported - and we upgrade Unity support as soon as a release is stable.


We're often on either the latest or nearly the latest of each major Unity release, we wait only until the client is stable enough to upgrade to new versions - meaning new features are almost always usable in space.


We also support in-editor previewing of your scenes using the standard Unity Play Mode, allowing you to preview most features and interactivities without needing to upload or process your content onto our test or production servers.







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