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Unlike many other virtual worlds in the past - we've not tried to reinvent the wheel. Game engines have advanced to the point where they beat custom-built engines designed purposefully for virtual worlds.


Not only do we benefit from the improved performance - we also greatly benefit from the wider array of features. Let's say you want to have an underground cave have some echo on its audio channel - really simulate the atmosphere; with the Unity Game Engine as your design tool, you can do just that - just add a Reverb Zone, and you're done.


That's just one of thousands of features you won't find in other virtual worlds which will make your content better, and your life easier.

Ultra High Quality Graphics

We support a huge array of high quality graphics features - such as built-in path-traced baked lighting support, real-time reflections, high quality efficient shadowing and more.


Compared to even new virtual worlds using their own engines, the quality potential significantly lower. Our default graphics chain supports fully physically baked shading, volumetric lighting and much more.


And because we're using the Unity Game Engine, every time it upgrades - so do we. Keep an eye on Unity announcements - we get those features too.

Hundreds of Virtual World Features

We looked at the top 500 custom scripts for several popular virtual worlds, on marketplaces, wikis and more. We implemented 98% of them as built-in features.


All these custom features have configuration user interfaces designed to give non-programmers the ability to customize how they work. If you need something like a seat or a door - we've got a nice easy way of doing it that lets you customize exactly how it works.


(We've also got scripting in place too - so if it's not there, you can add it.)


We're also adding new features all the time - things like our Quest tools allow you to create custom MMO-style quests with ease (and no scripting)







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