Sell your products

Create your own content or import it from other platforms to sell in space.

How it works

We let you sell your products, regions, experiences, events and more. We have a built-in marketplace (similar to an app store) where users can buy content for their avatars and regions. We take a fixed royalty (after costs) on any sale, and you keep the bulk.



Revenue share

Our revenue split is 70% to you, 30% to space. Revenue is split after third party costs (transaction costs, affiliate fees, etc.). There are no monthly account fees required to sell content in space, and no other costs to act as a merchant (such as upload or review fees).

More room for end-user spending

space charges significantly less to end-users than many other virtual worlds - we have no fixed account fees and, we've optimized our pricing to ensure that users have more room to spend more on buying items than maintaining expensive region subscriptions.


We give free regions to all users - furniture and region designers are no longer selling to a small segment of the market who own regions or land.

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Our Marketplace

space pays out to creators on a scheduled basis. This is to minimize the potential for piracy, preventing funds from being withdrawn before complaints are researched and responded to.


Content is reviewed manually, all sellers are registered with a physical contract including name & address. There are no anonymous creators in our marketplace. Read more about our IP Policies.


space has a built-in searchable storefront built right into the client which allows users to shop, preview items before they buy and customise their purchases.


Read more about our marketplace.

Promotional currencies

space as a rule does not give users "promotional credits". When a sale is made in a hard currency (such as our "Gold"), you will always earn the full value for that sale.


We do also offer "Silver" credits as a opt-in for merchants to participate in, selling your items for this non-paid currency allows you to create promotional items designed to raise brand awareness without cheapening your brand with 'freebies'.








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